14 April 2010

32. Sweeny Todd and the String of Pearls

Sweeny Todd and the String of Pearls - Yuri Rasovsky

This was an aduio book of a play performed by The Hollywood Theater of the Ear. It says it is "an audio melodrama in three despicable acts".

It is the story of the same barber that has been portrayed in many different versions of this story. This one is a little different than what I remember. Sweeny is a bit more insidious than I recalled. He robs and kills hundreds of customers in his barber shop and then carries them into underground tunnels which connect to his accomplices business. Mrs. lovett owns a bakery a few blocks away. The two businesses are connected through these caverns.

Mrs. lovett's bakery makes the best meat pies in the entire city. Customers are always raving about the flavor and coming back for more.

They have no idea that the secret to her recipe is that she grinds up the cadavers supplied by Sweeny Todd and uses them as stuffing for her pies.

This was an interesting story that I enjoyed listening to. Partly because the actors portraying the parts were excellent. The writer, Yuri Rasovsky, used the original "penny dreadful" version of this story when writing the play, which makes it closer to the original than many of the more famous of contemporary versions.

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