22 November 2010

86. Sellevision

Sellevision - Augusten Burroughs

This was a silly book.

Sellevision is a fictional television shopping channel. Think QVC of Home Shopping Network. The book is about the hosts on that shopping channel and stuff that happens to them.

There is the homosexual man who's junk is exposed on air..and the scandal that follows...and the trail of events that leads to his being a gay porn star.

There is the headliner woman with a huge fan following who suddenly has a stalker...and her fall into alcoholism and drug addiction...only to find that her son is actually the stalker in a bid for the attention of his own mother.

And there are other characters too...all of which are interesting, but none of which are worthy of having a story written about them. So, since the characters didn't seem all that interesting, and the premise for the story didn't seem all that interesting, why write the book?

Actually, despite the lack of "interesting", it did enjoy the book somewhat. It was just OK. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have read most everything else.

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