02 December 2010

94. Last Night at the Lobster

Last Night at the Lobster - Stewart O'Nan

This was a pretty short book (146 pages) that I have been looking at on the shelf for a while and thinking I should knock it out. Then I read something else. I wanted to read it becasue it was written by an author from New England who co-authored "Faithful" with Stephen King.

I finally just picked it up and started reading. I loved it. What confuses me is that I have no idea why I loved it. Nothing happened in the book.

Manny is the manager of a Red Lobster that is being closed the following day. This is the last shift. He and his kitchen and floor staff go through the motions of operating a restaurant three days before Christmas in a snow storm knowing that it is the last time they will work together.

I kept waiting for the drama. I kept waiting for something to happen that saves the restaurant. I kept waiting for Manny to save his relationship with the waitress he is in love with despite having a pregnant girlfriend. I kept waiting for a million things to happen...and it didn't.

This book was just like real life. There was no flash or huge movie drama. It was normal...and I loved the whole thing. Weird, huh.

I learned two new words:

LOGY: Informal, dull or sluggish, as from overeating.

ABUELITA: Spanish word for Grandma, granny, grandmother. The strange thing about this word is that I had never heard it before...but in this book it was used 12 times, and "lita" was used a half dozen more.

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