14 January 2011

2. Afraid

Afraid - Jack Kilborn

The United States government has created terrorist teams using criminals and psychos with surgically implanted micro-chips that control their thoughts and motivations. These teams are called Red-Ops.

During the Vietnam war a video of one of these teams assaulting a village in South Vietnam as a test operation was discovered. A man tried to blackmail the government with the tape. Now, decades later the Red-Ops folks have found the town where this man lives and wage an assault upon his world.

The attacks are gruesome and intended as terrorist type tactics. The Red-Ops teams are supposed to instill fear in the people they are attacking, which is an entire town in Wisconsin.

Well, the bad guys lose and the good guys win, though they predictably loose a few along the way and take a few serious hits themselves. But, in the end they walk into the sunset...or more like limp and help each other along.

There is nothing new or exciting in this writing. It is not bad, but it just more of the same old stuff pumped out to make a few bucks. It is not bad, but is hardly worth blogging extensively about.

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