21 May 2011

27. Pictures of the Socialistic Future

Pictures of the Socialistic Future - Eugene Richter

The "predictions" made in this book, actually a dystopian novel, made me look further to see if it was really written in the early 1890s. It was. Written in 1891 and translated to English in 1893. Written by a man who was alive and politically active in Germany at the same time as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Richter wrote this book like it was a diary. A diary of a man who was living in Germany when the country had a revolution and became Socialist. The writer was pro-socialism. The book starts out with the hopes and dreams of the people...and the reality comes later.

Just as in history, Socialism sounds great, but then economics and human nature come into play. It just does not work. The way this author told this story BEFORE socialist states had started, let alone failed, and predicted so many of the faults of the socialist system, is quite uncanny.

To tell you the truth, I can not write a real blog post that does this book justice. This man has. Click here to read "Looking Hard at "Pictures of the Socialistic Future".

I am still amazed at this one...and you can download a PDF file of the book and read it for free. Click here.

It is time to read something a bit less "involved".

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  1. Damn, you're on 27? I just posted my first book of the year.