19 June 2011

30. Immoral

Immoral - Brian Freeman

This book ended up being another one of those crime/trial novels.

I did not think that was what this would be when I started reading it. I thought it was going to flip morality on it's head and create a world where immorality was viewed as morality is in our own world. It had none of that. Just today's world with some folks doing bad stuff and cops investigating to solve the crime.

The back of the book compares this author to Dennis Lehane (Shelter Island, Mystic River, etc). Those are some pretty big shoes to fill in regards to plot twists and keeping the reader in suspense. This book failed to fulfill those promises.

I took almost a month to finish this book. I read the last half in the last three days just to get it over with. It got better with the last third, but to get there it felt like I was wading through quicksand. Slow. Infinitely boring at times. The ending did get better as it was "less boring", but it also just seemed like it took so many little twists and tried to tie them together in a way that would be difficult to solve the crime. Too many little twists and conveniences for my tastes. Unlike Lehane, who seems to use one massive twist to throw the entire perspective of the book on it's head.

This book did not live up to my expectations as far as the "immoral world", as a comparison to Lehane, or to keep me awake during the first half. It did end pretty well, though it felt forced. Not awful, but there are better books.

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