30 January 2009

A Child's Night Dream

A Child's Night Dream by Oliver Stone

"Shyly into the Tuesday night party in May of '65. The year the world hinged. All of seventeen. Here on West 57th Street. Do come. With your erection. It may wish to emote. In tune with Truth. What am I looking for? And tomorrow, at Yale, where I'm supposed to be tonight, the last examination. In Ancient Greek. Which I'm failing, and if I fail tomorrow, I somehow sense. Some great Big Break in my life."
That is paragraph number one.
What the hell is that? They are all written like that. I have no freaking idea what he is talking about when I continue to read.
I read most of chapter one...and I quit.
This book SUCKS!
Oliver Stone created films called "Platoon", "JFK", "Natural Born Killers", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Salvador", "Wall Street" and others. These are fabulous films. He should stick to directing motion pictures and not pretend to be a writer.


  1. lmfao! i love how you made your own rating for it. I guess it sucked that bad. haha

  2. hm, i worded that wrong. lets try again:

    lmfao! i love how you created an all new sucky rating for it. I guess it sucked that bad. haha

  3. Yes, it sucked that bad. I usually finish books even if I don't like them. I could not even get past chapter one with this book.

  4. Good work on not counting it but letting us know it's out there still. I'm kind of a fan of some of Stone's work, but I don't think I'll be reading this book.