14 January 2009

6. The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide; Complete Protection from the Living Dead - Max Brooks
I hate zombies!
This book is supposed to be some kind of field manual for when zombies attack. It could be anything from some low level skirmish with a single zombie wandering into the neighborhood, or an all out invasion of millions of zombies taking over the earth. This book teaches you how to protect yourself and your family so you can survive.
It is categorized as humor though it is not funny. It is a parody, not stand up comedy.
There are chapters that explain the myths and realities about zombies, weapons and combat techniques, what to do when you are defensive, offensive and on the run, what it will be like living in a world overrun by undead, and stories of "factual" and "documented" zombie attacks through the ages.
All this is written as if it is real. No clues as to it being a farce in any way. It stays true to the title and the goal of the book.
In case you care...zombies can only be killed by destroying the brain. Head shots from firearms, and axe in the skull, decapitation. Anything else is a waste of time.
Also...we should all build 10 foot high concrete walls around our homes and have sliding metal gates...and we need to keep thousands of rounds of ammo for all our weapons...and we need dirt bikes because the roads will be blocked...and we need to have a generator available that is pedal powered...and machine guns are a waste of ammo...and cut out the staircase in your home and use ladders because zombies can't climb...and own a really good machete...and don't go to the hospital or police stations during an undead attack...blah blah blah.
This book is stupid. Unless you are a real zombie fanatic don't waste your time reading it. I didn't hate it, but i feel like all I did was occupy some time.


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  1. You'll be singing a different tune when the zombies actually do come...