07 March 2009

17. Big Fish

Big Fish by Daniel Wallace
It is an interesting story full of the recollections of a son concerning his dying father. The stories are pure fantasy. The fairy tales of a child. Things that are not physically possible that make a child think of his father as something akin to god.
Anyway, the book was OK, but it never really was able to grab me and hold me. It seemed choppy and had no real reason for the events being described. It was fun and whimsical, but also disconnected and random.
Maybe I missed something. I don't know. I don't care. It was good enough for someone to make a movie out of it, but I never heard of the movie either. Could it have been very good? Probably not something I would want to watch anyway.
Samantha liked this book enough to read it twice in her life. Maybe she will comment and tell me what I am not seeing. Maybe I am just too old to understand? LOL
17 down...so the book served it's purpose. :-)
I forgot. This book used the word somnambulist. There it was, right near the middle, clear as day. It made me smile. That is the third book that had the word this year. It was used to describe the way the wife was walking while entering the room where her husband was waiting to die. This was a small but powerful positive for Big Fish. :-)

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