21 March 2009


This post has nothing to do with another book I read. It has to do with books from the past few months.

1. The Oliver Stone book, "A Child's Night Dream". I passed it on to a friend. He also read chapter one and quit, saying it was stupid. Then he passed it to another friend....guess what. I say three strikes!

2. "The Iron Tracks" by Aharon Appelfeld (my 2nd book of 2009) still creeps into my thoughts. I may have to go back and read that one again at some point. it has obviously made more of an impression on me than I gave it credit for.

3. I forgot to mention that Sherman Alexie used the word somnambulist in "Ten Little Indians".

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  1. Thanks for sending Ten Little Indians up my way. It's definitely on the list. I'm sending you one as well.