09 January 2010

2. World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks

I loved it! I must state that I am a zombie fan, so that may be a biased opinion.

This book is written about a war that takes place between the people all over the earth against the walking dead. Needless to say, the world gets it's ass handed to it for many years, but triumphs in the end.

The whole story is told in a series of interviews conducted by the author. He interviews people involved in this war. The interviews take place in China, South Africa, The USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Iceland, Canada, and many other places.

The way the story unfolds in these interviews is quite interesting. The reader has to piece the big picture together for themselves. Each of the interviews only supplies the point of view of that person, but they related to each other in ways only the reader would see. Some of the interviews are with heroes. Some are with jerks. All of them weave an excellent story from many different perspectives.

What a pisser. Check it out.

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