14 January 2010

3. More Twisted

More Twisted: Collected Stories, Vol II - Jeffrey Deaver

Last year I read A Maiden's Grave by this author and thought it was good enough to read some more by Mr. Deaver. This book was not the one I should have chosen. It lacked the intensity of the former. It lacked the suspense and the edge of the seat heart pounding I felt with A Maiden's Grave.

This was a collection of stories. All were written to have a "twist". All were centered around crimes, large and small.

The twists were pretty predictable. This is not to say that I did not enjoy the stories. I did like a few of them. Even Deaver himself says that these stories are best read in small doses because the "twist" gets old after it is done repeatedly. Maybe I should have broken it up over more than a few days.

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