08 May 2010

40. Ravenous

Ravenous - Ray Garton

Werewolves come to a coastal California town. Not just any werewolves. These are not the same as the ones from the old movies. Yes, silver bullets will work, but everything else is different.

This kind of werewolves don't transmit their lycanthropy to others with their bite. It is transmitted through sexual contact. Yes, raping werewolves. I know. Unbelievable!

It was a horror story because these guys were monsters. They eat human beings. One scene is where a werewolf eats a woman's little daughter as she is watching. Nasty!

Very different. Very gross. Not the best writing. I don't think the point of the book was to be written well. It was all about the shock factor. Duh. What else should I have expected.

There is a sequel called Bestial. I will read it to see what happens after the ending of this book. It did not turn out the way I expected. It ended abruptly and in a way I did not expect. That was cool.

I wonder what happened to the sherrif's wife. Whatever.

It wasn't worth writing much about. It was different and didn't suck. I kept reading to see what happened, so it must have been OK.

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