27 May 2010

46. Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

I think I messed up with this book. I knew it was one I wanted to read because I felt like I should have long ago, but I doubted I was ever going to pick it up and actually read it. So, I decided to pick up the audio book and listen to it while driving to and from work and appointments.

What I found was that this was a good story, but I can't imagine it was a classic in the form I encountered. This was an abridged version. I usually avoid them. I was reminded why while listening to this book.

It seemed like just when the descriptive parts were getting to a point where I was hooked, the scene ends and we jump to something else. Annoying!

The good part of this version of Great Expectations was listyening to Hugh Laurie (House) do all kinds of different voices and different English accents. It was fun to hear.

Maybe some day i will read this book again in a more traditional format. Probably not. At least I tried.

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