12 May 2009

29. No Way Back

No Way Back - Michael Crow

A Baltimore narcotics officer is suspended and the CIA "recalls" him while he is on vacation. He gets involved in a plot involving North and South Korea, rogue Russian generals, double dealing CIA agents, and many more interesting characters. His job is to protect "the package", which just happens to be a South Korean multi-national businessman.

The story is quick paced. It is exciting. It has all the intrigue and suspense of a good thriller. I liked the author's writing style a lot. It seemed like it was straight to the point. Not a lot of flowery words. It was exact and disciplined. It is exactly the I would think I would deal with the world when I try to place myself into the shoes of an agent.

Was it great? Not really. It was very good though. A little predictable in some areas, but totally caught me off guard in others.

The jacket says Michael Crow is a pseudonym for a writer, who under his real name, has written five well-received literary novels, one of which won the Steven Crane Award for Best First Fiction. He is also a journalist who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for a series on the New York Mafia. I look at the man's picture and he looks very familiar. I have seen the face before...but I can't place it. I feel like I should know this man's real name. So, who is he?

Added on 20 May 2009....
I forgot to mention hat the editor of this book must have phoned it in. There were numerous times where I found words misspelled. There was one place I recall the word "than" being used where it should have been "then". Things like that bother me, and it did with this book. If you are going to be paid for doing the job, then you should do it better than this book shows.

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