08 February 2010

12. New Rules

New Rules: Polite Musings From A Timid Observer - Bill Maher

I love this guy. He is wicked funny and says some of the craziest things. I went and saw his standup routine about two years ago and laughed my ass off. I liked Politically Incorrect a lot and I love his current television show, Real Time with Bill Maher, though I don't see it very often.

So, when I saw this book on a used book shelf I just had to pick it up.

It has 239 pages, but it is not like reading a novel. Each page has two or three of the "New Rules", much like he does on his show. There are also about twenty where he went more in depth and used two or three pages to rant about certain things.

I found his rules entertaining, controversial, and sometimes just plain stupid.

In the forward he writes, "These are the rules that, frankly, were not necessary back when we practiced those old-fashioned time wasters: courtesy, consideration, and common sense." I agree with that sentiment.

This book was an easy read, but it made me laugh and I needed that.

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