18 July 2010

65. Woman, Child For Sale

Woman, Child For Sale: The New Slave Trade in the 21st Century - Gilbert King

I can honestly say that I did not learn anything new from this book. I have read others on this subject and this was more of the same.

This book related some of the stories of women and children trafficked into the sex industry and as forced labor. It also told some of the history of slavery, some of the current hotspots of trafficking, who the traffickers are and how they get away with it all, and then a lot of statistics.

This is one subject that George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton both championed and agreed upon way back in 2003. I guess they didn't disagree on everything.  :-)

I read about this subject because I have adopted four children from Ukraine. Ukraine happens to be one of the hotspots for the trafficking of women. The girls in the orphanages get turned out onto the streets at 16 years old and most are lured into prostitution. The traffickers know exactly when and where these children will be and how to take advanatage of them. Two of our daughters are now 14 years old. They will never have to deal with these predators directly.

My son and daughter will always deal with the repercussions of the trafficking problem on a personal level. None of the stories of Ukrainian orphans are pretty, but theirs is what is written about in this book. Their birth mother was trafficked to Germany for the sex trade. She wrote a letter and smuggled it out to their grandmother once explaining that the men had taken her passport and she owed them a lot of money. She was never heard from again. It is believed that she perished in that ordeal. Trafficking of women has had a direct effect on my own family.

This is not the best book I have read on the subject, but any book discussing this is doing some good in some way.

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