06 March 2011

13. Dead City

Dead City - Joe McKinney

ZOMBIES! Lots and lots and lots of zombies!

I love a good zombie book. This one was very good. Me like.

There were two things worth mentioning, other than it is a book about ZOMBIES!

1. There was a sentence that said "Nothing is as protean as a woman." I did not know what that meant. I looked it up. Protean means "readily assuming different forms or characters; extremely variable." When read in the context used in this book it is an excellent word. It was not referring to a woman changing from person to zombie. It was referring to how a woman reacted differently to different people in different situations. I will try to remember that word for use later in life.

2. My children will be glad to know that, on page 192, it stated "There are no zombie cows. Haven't you wondered if anything else besides people gets turned into zombies? Apparently, it's a big question in zombie studies."
This is good news because we live in the country. There are cows around. it is very dark at night. When the kids have to go outside for something at night I always remind them to beware of the zombie cows in the woods. It kind of freaks them out a little and gives them the heebie-jeebies.
I showed them the line from this book that said there are no zombie cows. They were very happy. Soon, I will remind them that this book was a work of fiction and that zombie cows are real. Muu ha ha ha ha!

I am sorry that so many of the characters I liked and thought were cool had to die. Especially in such horendous ways. But, alas, it is a zombie story. Many a great person has been defeated by the undead horde.

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