08 March 2011

15. Gunslinger Girl (Vol 1)

Gunslinger Girl (Volume 1) - Hiroshi Aida

A dude gave me a pile of manga books last year. I ditched most of them. I kept this one because it was volume one in a series. I also kept the first five or six in the Chobits and Cowboy Bebop series books. I finally picked one up to give them a try.

I read what was supposed to be manga two years ago and hated it. I later found out that it was not truly manga but was more of a graphic novel. There is no doubt this one is manga. It is written by a Japanese guy. It uses anime looking art. It reads back to front. My kids even said it was manga and they are some kind of experts in the field, or think they are at least.

So, this series is about a secret government agency that takes crippled children and turns them into cyborgs that are controlled through ingestion of some kind of chemicals. Each child is assigned a "trainer" or fratello (brother) whom they will protect with their lives.

The cyborg kids are super strong and fast and big time weapons experts.

It is all very predictable. The characters are emotionless. The story is pointless. I still don't get it.

Oh, wait, the point is to have cute little school girls drawn wearing cute little uniforms, make them subservient to some dude give them guns and make them fight bad guys a lot... ahhh... yet again... fodder for a teen age boy's wet dream. That is all this garbage is for.

Maybe in Japan manga is used on a broader scale, but here in America it seems to be the sole reason for it's popularity. Perhaps I will find that to be incorrect eventually.

Still not a manga fan.

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