16 July 2011

38. How Would A Patriot Act

How Would A Patriot Act: Defending American Values from a President Run Amok - Glenn Greenwald

Published in 2006 and written by a constitutional law attorney who didn't like what he was seeing after 9-11. It is a well written and excellent indictment of the abuses of law perpetrated by the Bush administration in the name of national security.

I have disliked the USA PATRIOT Act from the beginning. Not for the same reasons as some folks. I saw it as a huge door being opened that would greatly expand executive power and be abused by the people in power. That is exactly what this book shows.

Why read it now? Bush is gone. Those abuses don't mean jack any longer. But, that is not true. The law is still on the books and the ability to overreach is made easier.

I liked the book. I liked the plain language and straight-forward explanations of some very complicated issues.

I wish Congress would have let the extension of these powers expire this year. Maybe next time. Power is so hard to give up once they have it. Maybe we can get that changed, somehow, someday.

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