29 July 2011

40. Scavenger Kill

Scavenger Kill - Ralph Hayes

An interesting book published in 1975 and the first in a series called "The Hunter". It is about a guy who leads safaris in Africa for spolied rich folks. He gets mad one day about a poacher taking tusks from rhinos and decides to go kill the guy. He finds out that the same guy owns a pharmaceutical company marketing a drug that is causing serious birth defects...and it just happens to affect the lives of his best friend and his wife.

Now he has two reasons to kill the guy. He is now hunting a man rather than big game. He justifies all this in some twisted way because his killing is far less "bad" than the other guys actions. Silly way to make a hero if you ask me.

Despite the moral dilema, which really wasn't a big deal since it is just a stupid book, it was pretty decent. Still, I don't feel a need to suggest anyone go looking for it. It was just OK.

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