28 July 2011

39. Pirate Latitudes

Pirate Latitudes - Michael Crichton

How many of Michael Crichton's book have a I read? I can't remember. I do know that they were intensely detailed and very high-tech.

Then I saw this one. Pirates? 1665? Port Royal, Jamaica? How in the world would Crichton pull off his story-telling style? If he was not describing the details of DNA manipulation and nano-bots he was writing some super technical medical stuff. This was totally different.

Crichton pulled it off. This is a great swashbuckler of a pirate novel. It was a bit cliche, but was still a ton of fun and very detailed with information about technology of the day.

The story was predictable. Most pirate stories are. Good guys are also bad guys. Depending which side you are on is whether you call it privateering or piracy.

There were many sea battles. There was much drinking of rum and debauchery of all kinds. There was the obligatory battles with cannibals that shoot poison darts, a giant squid they called Kraken, a hurricane to beat all hurricanes, overcoming insurmountable odds while facing an enemy who shows no mercy, etc etc.

It was a good fun story that I am surprised Crichton was able to pull off and still write in his own style. Enjoyable and fun.

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