08 March 2010

22. State of Fear

State of Fear - Michael Crichton

Ecological terrorists attempt to shear off a huge chunk of Antarctica, cause a large loss of life due to flash floods, divert a hurricane into Miami, and cause a tsunami that will hit the West coast of America.

They do all this to "prove" man has caused a global warming problem and catastrophic abrupt climate change is coming.

They try to prove it by causing these things to happen and then blaming it on an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere.

I liked this book a lot. No matter which side of the climate change issue you fall on, the story was pretty darned exciting.

It is not one of the best books I have read (well, heard, since it was an audio-book. A long one.)
It is not even one of Michael Crichton's best, but it was interesting.

I am making this a short post because I don't feel like typing very much. I would rather go read more of Under and Alone, which I am enjoying much more than State of Fear.

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