09 March 2010

23. Something Good's Gonna Happen

Something Good's Gonna Happen - Paul Orberson

This is the story of a man who made millions. He was busting his butt as a high school sports coach and went into network marketing in the early 90's.

He joined a company called Excel which sold long distance telephone service. For a few years he struggled. Eventually he was being paid over a million dollars per month.

Then he retired, at 39 years old.

But he got bored playing golf and traveling around goofing off. So, he started his own company in 2000. Fortune High Tech Marketing it is called. It has been growing quickly and is the only network marketing company listed in Forbes.

This is a motivational book that is designed to get you off your ass and go do something. He asks a lot of questions about where you are and where you want to be. He gives a lot of anecdotes about how he was there and what he did. He struggled. He worked. He goes over it all and explains how he was thinking at the time. It shows his state of mind and what his motivations were.

I could relate to his story. The dead endedness I feel when I go to work and think that I will be doing this same junk forever and then I will die. Maybe I can be financially independant like Paul Orberson. Why not?

I will try to use some of what he has said and make some changes in my outlook on my own life. Who knows where that will lead.  :-)

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