19 March 2010

25. You Suck

You Suck: A Love Story - Christopher Moore

New vampires who are learning the ropes without guidance from the old one that turned them. A 16 year old goth girl minion and her friends, along with all the teenage drama. A group of nerds who work the night shift at Safeway who double as vampire hunters. A call girl from Vegas who has dyed her skin blue to attract customers. A homeless man who is known as The Emperor and "runs" San Francisco. Some bumbling cops who have to deal with the sarcasm of all these adolescents.

The story is humorous. It made me laugh quite a bit. It is also very immature, which could be why I laughed so much. It is probably geared toward a younger demographic than I would consider myself.

The charachter development was very good. Even the guys from Safeway all had personalities of thier own. Parts of the story were told as diary entries from 16 year old Abbie Normal (real name was Allison, named after a song by Elvis. LOL) She was a goth kid who happened to be perky. Her charachter was hilarious.

Anyway, the story is actually a continuation of a previous book which I forget the name of. Numerous times there were digressions to that book or references to events from the beginning of the story. It made me wish I had read that one first so I knew what they were talking about. You Suck stood on it's own just fine, but it did make enough references to the past to be slightly annoying. I guess the author assumed the readers would have already read the first book.

Tommy and Jody were the young vampires figuring everything out as they went along. They didn’t even know what powers they had as vampires. They just knew the sun hurt and stuff like that. The adventures they had were quite funny because they kept messing up and bitching at each other like teenagers do.

The book was funny, but I think I will pass on any other Christopher Moore titles. It made me feel old. Maybe that is what my problem was. Maybe it made me realize I am not twenty a few too many times. That must be it. :-)

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