22 March 2010

26. Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker - Harlan Coben

Here is one of those crime novels that seem to be so popular. I am not sure why. They all seem the same. Different characters in a different place and with a different crime, but still, somehow the same.

Myron Bolitar, the hero, a very good looking ex-basketball star who worked for the government, then was a private detective and is now a sports agent and is some kind of hand-to-hand fighting expert. He might just be the cockiest character I have ever read. With a gun to his head from the bad guys he still cracks jokes about their mothers and makes fun of them? Come on.

Just happens to have a partner, Win, who is some kind of trained government killer in his past. Now he is a nerdy guy who nobody expects to be such a bad-ass.

Oh, and Myron has an ex-girlfriend (Jessica) who he still has feelings for...and she just happens to be the sister of his new client's girlfriend (Cathy). Christian, the phenom rookie football quarterback is the new client. The whole NFL wants him, but he gets caught up in some stink when Cathy disappears and then her father is murdered. Wow, conveniently Myron starts investigating the murder of Jessica's father and the disappearance of Cathy. All in the name of helping his client, of course.

Also very conveniently Jessica shows up and she realizes the breakup was a big mistake because they have been pining away for each other for years. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, Myron is investigating and interviewing all kinds of people. Mobsters. Porn photographers Cocaine dealers and crack addicts. Owners and head coaches of NFL teams. Policemen. The College Dean. Professional football players. Other private detectives. It does not matter who they are. Myron is his overconfident sarcastic self everywhere he goes...and somehow everyone around him caves. They conveniently always give him a clue to follow. One more piece of the puzzle, just when he needed it.

Sorry, I just don't see these people answering Myron's questions and incriminating themselves throughout the story just because he is a good looking guy who wants to ask some questions.

It was a fun story, but no way would this ever be able to happen. Myron would have been dead numerous times over.

I have a feeling this is one of those writers that has some kind of standard writing format that he plugs names and circumstances around to crank out books.

It was not bad, but not believable and way to predictable.

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