03 June 2010

49. Doomsday Warrior

Doomsday Warrior - Ryder Stacy
In the year 1984 the Soviet union launched a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States. The US retaliated in like kind. The Soviets fared better due to some secret defensive weapons.

Now, it is 2089, and the Reds rule the world. They have ruled the world for over 100 years. Granted, it is a post nuclear war world that is full of massive areas that can not be utilized for anything. Massive dead zones are everywhere.

The Russians occupy America and the American people are it's slaves. America is nothing compared to what it once was, but the resistance is growing stronger and getting better equipped.

Who is the hero? Who is the "Ultimate American"? He is a man named Ted Rockson. He has mutated due to his parent's radiation exposure. He is very large, thick skinned, resistant to radiation, quick to heal...in general, he is a perfect warrior.

The story follows Rock as he and his men stage attacks and raids against the Russians. He is an awesome warrior whom the KGB and the Red Army are hunting. His adventures are quite action packed and very exciting.

At some point in the novel he needs to take a patrol group deep into the dead zones in search of a weapon created by a mutated group of humans. This weapon will help him defeat the Russians and free America and it's people from their enslavement.

The descriptions of the altered world America has become in the 100 years following a nuclear attack of massive proportions is one of the best aspects of this book. Plant life is different. Animals are different. The climate and weather is different. Even things that should be considered absolutely normal have been changed in fun and exciting ways. Whole new species and life forms have come into existance. The whole world of Doomsday Warrior was fascinating.

Overall this was one kick-ass story. It was like the old movie Red Dawn, but after a much longer period of time and with nuclear weapons.

The downfalls? Maybe the Reds were too easily defeated. Maybe they were too stupid. Maybe they were supposed to be like a big dumb bully on a playground. Nothing but brawn. Losing the battles to the much smarter, more agile and "good" kid who was supposed to be a serious under-dog. Then again, who really cares. This was supposed to be a kick butt for America book.

Also, there are like 19 or 20 sequels to this first novel. I don't know that I can dedicate that much reading to one writer, but I sure will read parts two and three for the fun of it all.

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