11 June 2010

53. Kristin Breaks Loose!

Kristin Breaks Loose - Kristin Andersen with Linda DuBreuil

If you care about the exploits of a hooker turned madam in 1974 you might like this better than I did.

Kristin travels all over America looking for the sex scene in the places she goes. Swingers, pedophiles, beastiality, necrophelia, slavery, bondage, cheaters, conventioneers, massage parlors, etc etc. She travels all over the place looking at what she says is real.

So, she ends up finding people all over the place that do lots of things that are not main stream or that they would be ostracized for if the neighbors knew.

Whatever. Like it is a big shock that people were felt free to do whatever made them feel good in 1974. The 60s free love era was coming to an end.

This book was a waste of my time.

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