10 June 2010

52. The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone - Richard Preston

This book has been on my shelf for years. I added it to the "To Be Read" challenge just to get it off the shelf. Now I don't have to look at it ever again.  :-)

Richard Preston also wrote The Cobra Event. That was an awesome book that had one scene that still haunts me to this day. I expected this book to be somewhat like that one. It was not.

This book is non-fiction. It recounts times and events that occured in the 1970s and 1980s concerning outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola and Marburg.

It was interesting. It was scary to think about what could happen in the worst case scenarios. It was even scary to think about lesser scenarios. The book failed to alarm me to the point where I care enough to worry about it once finishing.

Much of this information was used to create the fictional Cobra Event novel. That was much more exciting. Then again, this book was true. It was interesting. That's about all. I was not thrilled.

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