29 June 2010

58. Fablehaven

Fablehaven - Brandon Mull

This was a book written for people younger than me, but I still found it to be a fun story.

Kendra and her brother Seth have to go stay at their Grandma and Grandpa's home for about three weeks. They find that this is no ordinary home. It is actually a snctuary for mystical creatures and has been there for centuries. Their grand parents are the current caretakers of "Fablehaven".

Needless to say, the kids get into a lot of mischief and run across many magical beings. Fairies, witches, golems, satyrs, oges, nyads, imps, a giant cow that makes magical milk, and many many more.

It was a lot of fun, but probably not something for many adults. I think I will give this one to my kids now. They will like it.

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