23 December 2008

In The Beginning

Here it is, the 23rd of December 2008, and my brother, Mike, has told me about this challenge he has participated in for years where he is challenged to read 50 books and review them on a blog.

This all came up because I asked him about book recommendations a few weeks ago.

I have been reading a lot lately. I had not read much for years, but in the last two years it has picked up steadily. I wish for that to continue. I think that maybe this blog will give me some sort of motivation to read. Can I reach the 50 book goal? He says that few ever do read 50 books unless they are unemployed. I would like to read 50 books, but remain employed while doing it. :-)

So, since this year is almost over and I can not possibly read 50 books this year, I will start this blog by creating entries for books I have already completed at one time or another. Most of these have been read in the last two years. I will start the official 50 books for 2009 once the holidays are over.

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