23 December 2008

Paper Towns - John Green - Nov 08

Paper Towns is the third novel written by Nerdfighter John Green, a young adult fiction writer. There was a lot of buildup in the Nerdfighter world about the release of this book. I picked it up about two weeks after it's release and read it in a matter of two days.

This story has some elements of the other books he has written. The main characters are yet again the less than popular group of high school kids. There is the girl, this time Margo Roth Speigelman, who is super alluring everyone loves her type that has deep seeded problems that create turmoil for everyone.

There is a ton of detective work and clues to follow throughout this story. Some of these clues are so buried that it is amazing they were thought of, let alone found. There is the obligatory road trip to reach the climax of the story.

Again, John Green is a master at creating characters that are interesting and seem to be like real people. He writes his books in a way that people can see themselves in the role in one form or another.

It is a very enjoyable read.

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