23 December 2008

Stephen King

I have read a lot of Stephen King novels. I had read all of them until somewhere in the early 1990s and I stopped reading his books.

When I look back at what is still memorable...what books would I suggest for others to read?

Pet Semetary...scared me into reading the whole book.

It...was VERY long, but once it got flowing it would not let me put it down.

Christine...An evil car that fixed itself? Dude, I want one, maybe without the evil part.

Carrie...This was a great movie, but the book was what was really scary. This is the book that made King who he is today.
I don't know how much I would enjoy these books today. I have a feeling they are good for the younger me. I picked up a copy of "Lisey's Story" and will read it this year. We will see if my taste has changed.

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