23 December 2008

The Night Church - Whitley Strieber

This book is one of the few I have read twice in my life.

The first time I was in my 20s. I remembered it for the rest of my life because it scared me. It involved so much satanic ritual and demonic activity that I could not sleep. What if this stuff is true? Not so much this story, but the demons and stuff that it speaks about. It really scared me a lot.

Since I never forgot that feeling this book gave me I was destined to read it again. I waited until I only had the memories of what the book was about and not the details of the story. So, last year (2007) I read it again.

Well, it really wasn't that scary. Infact, it is kind of stupid. I guess I have grown up and learned a few things in life. It was not scary. It was not well written. It was supposed to be suspenseful, but tried too hard to build that suspense.

I will not waste my time reading it again. LOL

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