23 December 2008

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan World in Eastern Europe

I continued reading the Jack Ryan world books and will divide them into categories.

The first I will cover here. They include books that are centered around the Cold War/CIA-KGB. I had read most of these in the past, during the 1990s. The ones remaining were "The Cardinal of the Kremlin" and "Red Rabbit".

The Cardinal was a very good read where the CIA gets a KGB dude out of the Soviet Union. This book had a lot more of an intelligence and spy related theme than most of his books. They are usually very much military or police operations. This one was all about the black ops and behind the scenes intel world. It was good, but not my favorite Clancy story.

Red Rabbit is another book written in the Jack Ryan world. This one also goes back in time a bit. The plot here concerns another defector from the Soviet Union, but this time he is a KGB agent. Another exciting story where I felt like I was sitting on the edge of the cliff.

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