23 December 2008

Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy

This is the book that got me reading again. In March 2006 I spent a month in Ukraine. I took this book with me because it was thick and would occupy some bored time. I had read some Tom Clancy books in the past and had enjoyed them quite a bit. So, I took this one with me and I read it.

Rainbow Six was exciting and made me want to read more. Many of Clancy's books are like a long series. The stories have the same charachters popping up over and over again. They call them the Jack Ryan books because Jack Ryan is the charachter most of them are centered around. Rainbow Six is an offshoot from them. Ryan is not the central charachter.

This book is about an international counter-terrorist group set up in England that gets involved in a plot to attack the olympics with chemical weapons, along with some other events. It was quite detailed, fast paced, and very exciting to read.

It was so good that I ended up reading every one of Clancy's Jack Ryan books that I had not previously read. I read them all before the end of 2006.
A- - Recommended if you enjoy the genre

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