23 December 2008

John Green - Hank Green - Maureen Johnson and Nerdfighters

This last spring I stumbled upon these videos on YouTube made by a couple of brothers named John and Hank Green. They called themselves the vlog brothers and had a project they called "Brotherhood 2.0". In this project the two brothers had sworn off of all text based communications (mail, email, im, faxes, etc) for the entire year of 2007. They swore to communicate with each other through a daily video log put on youtube.

I watched all these videos. So did many people. Their video following grew and became a community. They called themselves the Nerdfighters. They were mostly teens that liked to read.

John Green and Maureen Johnson are both authors of books for young adults.

The videos are hilarious and I recommend them to anyone with the time.

Since watching the videos and taking part in some Nerdfighter "events", I decided to read the novels written by John Green and Maureen Johnson. I have finished all of John's. I am starting Maureen's in 2009.

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