23 December 2008

Let It Snow - John Green/ Maureen Johnson/ Lauren Myracle - Dec 08

"Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances"
This book has three authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. All three are young adult fiction writers with many books of their own.

This story is actually three different stories in one book with all three stories originating and ending in the same place with the same characters (Is that called framing?). I found it very interesting how each of the authors would write the story from a different perspective and still include glimpses into the other stories as the characters ran into each other while it all played out.

Also...in case you care...this book gave me a warm fuzzy of Christmas cheer. It really did. I read the book in two or three days and when I was done I felt all gooey and teenagery for a while. I came home and hugged my children and wife. :-)

I will read this book again next December...and hope to see it made into a movie some day. It would be like a modern day Miracle on 34th Street meets the Breakfast Club.

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